Use Cases

Problem for App Developers
The Today Problem for App Developers

Finding the right holiday data set for your project is hard. Weighing up whether to use an open data set or a holiday related open source project in a particular programming language, or whether an API exists, assessing how frequently the data set is updated, how well it aligns to your use case - the list goes on.

Emerging Issue for dApp Developers
The Emerging Issue for dApp Developers

Your smart contract that interacts with the real world needs real world data. Working/business days are commonly used in legal contracts and automated business processes - such as the day a payment is due, or when a certain action must be performed. They are essential for cash flows and discharging legal responsibilities. What's a holiday! / What's a working day

Concern for Open Source Projects
The Ongoing Concern for Open Source Projects

Donations are hard to secure and difficult to rely upon and for many open source projects equate to a salary below the poverty line*. Additionally, feedback on improvements and priorities may be difficult to obtain if users are forking the open source software code.

Holiday Oracle's Unique System and Business Model

Consensus based. Open. Configurable.

The Holiday Oracle system delivers consensus based date predictions for dApps, automated contract execution by smart contracts or other blockchain use cases using multiple sources of open data via an API or Smart Contract Oracle. The system has premium API parameters which enables the developer to control the level of consensus desired, and consider the number of data sources.

Our solution combines the best open data sets into an innovative consensus algorithm that we then publish, via an API or Smart Contract Oracle, so it is programming-language indifferent and updated with open data periodically.

Holiday Oracle brings data on working days to smart contracts.

We are the first oracle service to provide holiday and working day data to meet this need.

Our unique business model provides funding and feedback to the open source communities whose data is used in Holiday Oracle.

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Example Use Cases

Holiday Oracle's date predictions can be used in any industry and for many different use cases such as:

  1. Blockchain dApps or smart contracts
  2. Sales activity scheduling
  3. Marketing program execution
  4. AI-driven scheduling or support assistants
  5. Calendar applications or meeting scheduling
  6. Payroll applications
  7. Invoicing and payments
  8. Supply chain logistics
  9. Quant or data analysis
  10. Machine learning

Anywhere a consensus based, open data, configurable public holiday or working/business day prediction is required!

What's your use case?