Supporting Open Source Software Projects

Giving back

Our business model is unique.

We give back to the open data and/or open source projects ("open projects") whose data we use in the Holiday Oracle system

Financial Feedback

We make ad hoc fiscal donations to open projects in recognition of their ground-breaking work.

Data errors and omissions

Our users may find errors or omissions in holiday dates. We will provide our users’ feedback on date errors and omissions to affected open projects.


We plan to make grants to existing and new open projects to meet user demand for new holiday datasets. Let us know what is not currently supported that your App or dApp needs - another country or subdivision, a different definition of a holiday such as bank holiday or a school holiday? We will use your feedback to prioritise the grants.

User needs assessment

When our users tell us they need a new dataset for their use case, we will inform the open projects of this data gap, and may also provide them grants to help develop them!

Revenue share

We pledge that 15% of our net revenue (excluding government taxes and charges) each quarter from licensing Off Chain Data’s Holiday Oracle will be donated to the projects whose data is used by the Holiday Oracle system to generate holiday predictions. The donation to each individual open project will be determined solely by Off Chain Data. Unless we advise otherwise, we will share the donations between the projects based on their “data contribution” at quarter end.

On The Shoulders Of Giants

New Projects

If you are the moderator of an open source data project or an open source software developer with a date related project, and would like to be considered for inclusion in Off Chain Data’s Holiday Oracle, please contact us! We are keen to work with the best date related projects, if we haven’t come across your project yet - we would love to hear about it.

If you are considering starting a date related open project, reach out for insights on the datasets our users are seeking.