Global Holiday iCal Feeds

Published on 10th of April 2020 by Julian

You can now export global holidays to your favourite calendar app, such as Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, or Outlook by using the iCal feature of our Date API.

In case you didn't know, iCal (short for iCalendar) is a computer file format for storing calendar information. iCalendar is designed to be an open standard to allow for easy interoperability with many different applications, which is handy if you don't have any programming knowledge as it allows you to transfer calendar information between your favourite calendar application by copying and pasting a URL.

To get started with iCal feeds make sure that you have an Holiday Oracle account. Once you have logged in, navigate to the iCal feeds page and select your country and an optional subdivision. You will then be presented with a URL that you can copy and paste into your favourite calendar application. iCal data feed

Note that each request to an iCal feed is the same as making a request to the API so will count towards your API request limits.

Here are specific instructions for adding an iCal feed to popular calendar applications:

Calendar Feeds API
You may notice that the URL that you are given corresponds to the holidays end point of the Date API. To get an iCal feed for a different country or subdivision, you can simply change the parameters that you pass to the holidays endpoint. You can generate iCal feeds for multiple countries and subdivisions. The only limitation is that you do not exceed your API limits.

Static Holiday Dates
By subscribing to an iCal feed you will be receiving updated holidays whenever we update a date. However, if you wish to have a static list of holidays then you can simply copy and paste the iCal feed URL into your browser where you will then be prompted to download an iCal file. You can then import this iCal file into your calendar application.