About Us

The Holiday Oracle was developed by Off Chain Data. Off Chain Data is a registered business name of Inspectablock Pty Ltd, a company incorporated in Australia (ABN 34 624 668 711).

Off Chain Data is based in Sydney, Australia. We are passionate about using technology to shake up the status quo. Having developed marketing analytics, financial and AI-driven compliance software businesses over the past 20 years which are used by global banks, insurance companies and some of the world’s biggest e-commerce platforms, we immediately recognised the power of distributed ledger/blockchain technology, smart contracts and the crucial role of oracles to expedite innovation and efficiency for business. Keen to progress mainstream business adoption, we decided to focus on providing quality, affordable data to the developers of dApps, smart contracts and Apps in a new trustless, open way. Data done differently!

Off Chain Data

Our first data set is public holidays and working/business days. “Public holidays” and the inverse, “Working or Business Days” (any days which aren’t ‘weekends’ or public holidays) are used widely in legal contracts and in business processes, however they are difficult to define, jurisdiction specific and subject to constant change. We needed a new approach to collate holiday data.

Many hands make light work.

An approach which reflected the significant progress which has been made by the open data and open source software communities in creating common datasets, whilst simultaneously improving and continuing to support the very same projects. A ‘best of the open’ approach which uses consensus and automated smart data processing to generate and assess candidate date rules and holiday predictions.

Broader than any one individual project and delivered as an easy to consume RESTful API or Smart Contract Oracle, Off Chain Data is part of the data revolution. It’s only just beginning - what date related data set does your smart contract, dApp or App need? Let us know so we can expedite the move to the new world.