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Holiday and Business Day data for App and blockchain developers. Our unique approach using open data and consensus putting you back in control whilst giving back to the open source community. Try our API!

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"Off Chain Data is a brilliant project and company. They made a donation to the open source project I maintain (python-holidays) for being used in their software: my appreciation goes to them for this and for their very innovative work."

- Maurizio Montel ("dr.prodigy")

Holidays from around the world

Off Chain Data's Holiday Oracle currently covers 167 countries worldwide. Have a look at our coverage or try out our API for yourself.

Here's a sample of holidays for today that can be found in Off Chain Data's Holiday Oracle.

Today's Date
New Zealand
Wellington Anniversary Day

World Wide Coverage

Off Chain Data's Holiday Oracle covers 167 countries worldwide. Our holiday and business day predictions are constantly being updated with open data.

To save you assessing various data sources, or limiting yourself to holiday data projects only in your preferred programming language, Holiday Oracle uses open data and machine learning techniques in a consensus algorithm to predict holidays and business days to 2030 and delivers these date predictions, along with a consensus score, via an API or Smart Contract Oracle.

Trustless Open Data

Holiday Oracle uses machine learning techniques in a consensus algorithm to predict holidays and business days and delivers date predictions.

API and Smart Contracts

Access holiday and business day data via our API which has been designed to integrate easily into various blockchain platforms.


  • 167 countries
  • 318 subdivisions
  • Holiday names in English and localised languages

Business Days

  • Dates and names of public holidays
  • Geographical identification of weekends
  • Calculation of next business day


Holiday Oracle's date predictions are based on open data - and holidays across the globe change constantly. Spot a wrong date? Report it to us and we will let the open data projects with this issue know!

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